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本文摘要:Smartphone cameras traditionally have been better in theory than reality.智能手机的照片功能历年来是“理论美过现实”。


Smartphone cameras traditionally have been better in theory than reality.智能手机的照片功能历年来是“理论美过现实”。Start with the shutter lag: Nearly every phone camera Ive ever used has had an annoying split-second delay between the time you hit the button and the time the shot gets snapped.首先说一说对焦时滞问题:我用过的完全所有的手机摄像头都有一个令人不悦的问题,那就是按下对焦后,必须于隔年零点几秒的时间照片才不会拍下来。The lag is just long enough for your kids adorable smile to turn into a nightmarish frown.但就在这短短的一瞬间里,你的孩子美好的笑容有可能就变为了可怕的皱眉。Then theres the DMV-like photo quality. When you reach for your phone to take a picture, youre almost always settling for a less-than-stellar image.然后再说说道如同车管所现场摄制驾驶证照片时的光学质量。

当你用手机照片时,你完全总是被迫拒绝接受质量不是很高的照片。Even late-model, high-end phones like Apple Inc.s iPhone 5 and Samsung Electronics Co.s Galaxy S4 were just good enough as cameras.即便是像苹果(Apple Inc.) iPhone 5和三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.) Galaxy S4这样的最新款高端手机,其光学质量也不能说道是差强人意。

But suddenly, with Apples iPhone 5s, all that has changed. Ive taken it on an international vacation, to a wedding, to a water park, trick-or-treating and to a couple of parties.但忽然之间,随着苹果iPhone 5s的发售,情况再次发生了变化。我曾带着这款手机到国外渡假,参与婚礼,去水上乐园游玩,万 节摄制孩子们“不给糖就打架”的画面,还参与了几个舞会。The other day I realized something amazing: While I carried a real camera to most of these events, I barely used it. Instead, I used the phone to snap about a billion photos of my 3-year-old son, my 9-month-old daughter, my [age redacted] wife and about two billion pictures of myself. (Slide-show night at my house is endless.)有一天,我意识到了一件有意思的事:尽管我带着一部“确实”的照相机参与了大部分这类活动,但完全没中用,反而是用手机为我三岁的儿子和九个月大的女儿抓拍了大量照片,还为我太太(经过修片)和我自己拍电影了数不清的照片。(晚上看照片时完全看都看不完。

)Lost in the hype and hubbub around the 5ss gold option or fingerprint sensor is that it marks a turning point in camera phones. There was a time when it would have been crazy to suggest that a phone camera would ever approach the speed and quality of a stand-alone camera. Now, that day is over.在iPhone 5s的土豪金颜色自由选择或指纹识别功能引起的喧闹动乱之外,人们没意识到这款手机是照片手机的一个转折点。过去,如果有人说道手机摄像头不会超过照相机的速度和光学质量,人们不会指出这是一种可怕的点子。

而如今,人们已仍然这样想要了。Sales of point-and-shoot cameras have been declining for years and, according to research firm IDC last week, sales of more expensive SLRs are also set to plummet. That makes sense. Today, taking a picture with a phone simply isnt a subpar experience. For most people, most of the time, a phone is all you need.多年来傻瓜相机的销量仍然在下降,据研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)上周说道,更为便宜的单反相机的销量也将下降。这是合情合理的。


What the phone did to the camera isnt an isolated incident. The story behind the death of the stand-alone camera is a history of the future of almost everything.手机给照相机带给的影响并非孤立无援事件。照相机之杀背后的故事可以说道是一切事物未来的缩影。

The iPhone 5ss triumph over the camera offers a lesson in how smartphones and tablets will co-opt most other devices in our lives, from PCs to videogame systems to even our wallets and our keys.iPhone 5s对照相机的大获得顺利使我们认识到:智能手机和平板电脑将如何把其他大部分设备吸管我们的生活,从个人电脑到视频游戏系统,甚至是我们的钱包和钥匙。Right now, all this might sound impossible. Just wait.眼下,所有这一切听得一起或许都是不有可能的事。但且慢。

First, about the 5s in particular: What I like best is its burst mode, which can take 10 shots a second, thereby eliminating shutter lag.首先,特别是在是就iPhone 5s而言:我最喜欢的是其“连拍模式”,在这种模式下,使用者可以在一秒钟内摄制10张照片,进而避免了对焦时滞的问题。The cameras pictures are also fantastic, especially in low light. (Apple improved the phones image sensor to make this possible). As a result, the 5s is the fastest, best phone camera Ive ever used -- even better than Nokia Corp.s 41-megapixel Lumia 1020.照相机的光学质量也十分棒,特别是在光线较暗的摄制条件下。

(这是因为苹果改良了iPhone 5s的图像传感器)。iPhone 5s是我所用过的最慢、最差的手机摄像头,甚至比诺基亚(Nokia Corp.) 4,100万像素的Lumia 1020还要好。


The 5s is far better than my point-and-shoot, and because it lets me edit and share my pictures, it is often superior to my expensive, interchangeable-lens SLR (whose battery I havent had reason to charge in weeks).iPhone 5s比我的卡片照相机好多了。而且,由于iPhone 5s还让我可以编辑和共享照片,这部手机还经常替代了我价格更高的可换镜头单反相机——数周来我都没寻找给这台单反相机电池的理由。I dont mean to suggest Apple has a camera monopoly here. Though the 5s is ahead now, I suspect most other high-end phones will soon catch up with Apples device. But I cant see how dedicated cameras can beat smartphones now.我并不是说道苹果公司在照相机市场占有了独占地位。虽然iPhone 5s目前正处于领先方位,我猜测大多数其他高端手机迅速就能跟上苹果的设备。

但我却无法看见目前照相机何以能领先于智能手机。Sure, big cameras with zoom lenses will always be useful for professional or semipro photographers, or for times (like at sporting events) when you are far from the action. Yet there are several reasons why smartphones often beat conventional cameras. Phones are small and nearly ubiquitous -- youre more likely to be carrying a phone than you are to be carrying a camera or anything else.诚然,对于专业和半专业的摄影师来说,享有变焦镜头的大照相机总是简单的。而且,在诸如运动会等场合,如果你距离摄制对象很近,这些照相机也是很有协助的。

不过,仍有一些原因可以说明智能手机为何可以常常代替传统相机。手机体积并不大,而且普遍普及。你随身携带手机的可能性比你装载照相机或其他物品的可能性都要大。According to tests by the review site AnandTech, the iPhone 5ss processor is 100 times as fast as that of the original iPhone, a speed gain that surpasses most other parts of the tech business.据评测网站AnandTech说道,iPhone 5s的处理器比最初的iPhone慢100倍。

这一变化速度多达了大多数其他科技领域。Finally and most importantly, smartphones are connected to the Internet, and they run software that can be constantly improved and augmented.最后也是最重要的一点,智能手机可以相连互联网。

它们运营的软件可以常常改版和改良。Cameras and most other gadgets, by contrast, are offline, and their software is often static.相比之下,照相机和大多数其他设备都无法终端网络,而且它们的软件一般来说是一成不变的。Its no wonder that the most important innovations in photography over the past few years -- things like Instagram and Vine -- happened on the phone, not on cameras.这也不该过去数年摄影领域最根本性的创意都经常出现在手机上而不是照相机上,比如应用软件Instagram和Vine。What other gadgets are similarly vulnerable to the march of smartphones and tablets?还有什么其他设备也更容易受到智能手机和平板电脑的风化呢?Portable videogame systems seem doomed. Soon you will be able to connect game controllers to your iPhone that -- given the popularity of Apples App Store with game developers -- will undercut the main reason to buy a dedicated games device.移动视频游戏系统或许前景黯淡。


迅速你就可以让游戏控制器与你的iPhone连接,鉴于苹果公司的应用软件商店App Store备受游戏开发商青睐,专门出售一个游戏设备的主要理由将不复存在。Im also quite optimistic that phones will one day replace our wallets.我还很悲观地指出,手机有一天将替换我们的钱包。

And, really, I dont see how laptops survive the onslaught either. Today, tablets like Microsofts Surface are close enough to replicating PCs.此外,我指出笔记本电脑有可能也逃不过一劫。现如今,像微软公司(Microsoft)旗下Surface这样的平板电脑早已相似能替换个人电脑了。At the rate that mobile processors are improving, it wont be long until our tablets become replacements for 90% of what we use computers for today, and will give us astonishing battery life and portability too.从移动处理器的发展速度来看,用没法多久,我们现在用于个人电脑做到的事情有90%都可以在平板电脑上已完成。

不仅如此,平板电脑还有更长的电池寿命并不具备便携性。Some readers might not believe this. But nobody believed smartphones would run cameras out of town, either. The lesson, here, is to never underestimate how greedy mobile devices are: As much as they do for us now, they will always keep trying to do more.一些读者有可能不坚信这些。

但之前也没有人坚信智能手机不会挤占照相机的地盘。应当借此汲取的教训是,总有一天不要高估移动设备的野心:虽然移动设备目前能为我们做到很多事情,它们还不会仍然尝试做到更加多事情。Today your phone is your camera, game console, TV, music player, e-book reader, alarm clock, fitness log and notepad. Whats next? Everything.如今,你的手机同时还是你的照相机、游戏机、电视、音乐播放器、电子阅读器、闹钟、健美日志和记事本。




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